Nija hijack cars just to wash them

Yep, it’s no joke, guys, we have a new phenomenon – a group of ninjas roaming the streets in search for dirty cars and… sexy ladies. Or is it the other way round? When they see one (car/lady), thay snatch the car and return it washed to the amazement of the owner.

The car is taken to a professional detailing studio, where it is not only washed but also coated in the most advanced wax coatings to make it look great. Ninja also apply the invisible wiper technology to the front windshield. Frankly, I would not mind my car being taken this way, though I am not a sexy lady… But who knows, maybe in the future the ninjas will consider an old BMW 5 series belonging to the humble journalist writing these words… I will supply the address…

See the film showing the action…

The film is a dramatization of real events – so we are informed by Rafał Betlejewski, the CEO of an advertising agency Sindy&Kate based in Warsaw who is behind the campaign. – We really take cars from the streets and we really perform all kinds of professional detailing procedures on them using the Japanese Soft99 products – he says. – It’s an ad campaign but with a grain of reality and excitement…

And some law breaking, perhaps… We would love to see this action for real. The film is quite entertaining and we have to admit that the washing is genuine and the car looks great when it is returned to the owner. The campaign idea seems quite fresh and clever.

The aim is to make people see that a clean car is a powerful statement. It says: success, self-assurance, power. We also want people to see that most of the professional tricks they can perform by themselves in their own garages and that it is fun. Soft99 products are really good for that, says Mr. Betlejewski.

Soft99 is a well established Japanese car cosmetics company with years of experience. It is less visible in Europe, but maybe it will start to change. One thing is certain: soft99 products are really good.

Well, wouldn’t you wish to have your car stolen for a wash? LOL!

But wouldn’t you?

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